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Our Founder

Mr Hasan Güzel was born in Malatya in Işıklı village Yeşilyurt on 10January 1946. He graduates his primary and second school in his hometown. Start his high school in 1962 in Akçadağ- Malatya at High School Teachers (with old name – Village Institute) He graduates in 1965 when he made his first step in teaching carrier.

He works for 5 years in various parts of Malatya. He gets married in 1970 and become father of 3 baby boys. On the end of 1970 Mr Hasan start his first business making trading with poplars. During this period he is carrying out successfully teaching and business live. After 15 years of trading because of rapidly developing of technology and increasing costs Mr Hasan changed his profile and he start business with dried apricots Trading with dried apricots starts in 1985.

Keeping out honesty cleaning and confidence in 1994 he made his first international agreement with British Sundora and took place his first export. Since 24.09.1994 our company continues its activity under its new name Guzel Can Limited Company.

Maintaining its reputation, improve the exports in countries like Japan, Europe countries, American States, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Hong Kong and others. In 2004 Mr Hasan has retired, leaving the company management to his sons. Even after his retiring, Continue to make part of Board of Directors.